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Presented by:

Tony Ristaino CLU, CFP® Registered Principal

George Jankiewicz CFP® CPA, Registered Representative


The retirement planning process is complex with lots of factors to consider.  The IRS Retirement Plan Regulations are complex.  During this complimentary workshop you will learn:

  • What factors determine the amount of your retirement package?
  • What is the government's role in determining your retirement income?
  • What issues should you consider in choosing between a pension annuity and a lump-sum distribution?
  • Is it possible to receive monthly income from your lump-sum distribution without penalties before age 59 1/2?
  • How do you manage health care costs during retirement?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, please call us for an immediate review of your individual situation please call: 410-494-1818 or 800-949-0395

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Tony Ristaino CLU, CFP® Registered Principal & George Jankiewicz CPA, CFP® Registered Representative