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Our Philosophy

At United Planners Financial Services (UPFS), we believe in the primacy of individual economic freedom with the smallest possible amount of outside intervention. That is why we put the personal goals and financial interests of our clients first in everything we do, applying our experience in and knowledge of investments, taxes, regulations, charitable giving, educational funding and more to help protect your assets and maximize growth.

Our Client Centered Approach

To best serve you, UPFS takes a client centered approach. We begin with fact finding. We listen —carefully— to learn what is important to you, for now and the future, so that we can jointly set realistic goals that will drive your financial plan in the right direction. 

Drawing upon our experience and knowledge, we research and compile personalized financial recommendations for you and present them to you honestly, telling you what you need to hear— which may not always be what you want to hear. Moreover, because we present our recommendation to you in written draft form, you know exactly what is in your financial plan. You can review it in detail, provide input and make changes before you give your approval.

Based on your feedback, we refine and finalize your financial plan. Then, to ensure that we are proceeding in a manner that is completely agreeable to you, we follow up after 30 days with a meeting in which you can review your final financial plan.

Once we put your financial plan into action, we operate with a sense of urgency. Rather than rely solely on probabilities and numerical modeling, as many financial firms do, we continuously monitor real time market events so that we can respond expediently and effectively after consulting with you.

We personally meet with you two to three times a year to evaluate the progress made toward your goals and to consider changes to your financial plan as needed or desired. As a result, your financial plan remains continuously relevant, vibrant and dynamic.

Service Directory

We work as a team to meet the service needs of our clients. We are dedicated to listening to our clients to determine the solutions that best fit their individual needs. Our services include:

  • Financial Planning

We will work with you to prioritize goals, determine your current financial position, and develop recommendations tailored to your individual needs. As your circumstances change, adjustments will be made to keep your plan solutions current.

  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Strategies

These services compliment our financial planning services by focusing on strategies to bring you peace of mind and are designed to maintain your desired lifestyle throughout your retirement years.

  • Tax Planning*

As a CPA, we will review your situation to provide strategies to meet your financial goals while minimizing income and estate taxes.

  • Asset Management

The forefront of our investment process is the implementation of a disciplined approach to guide you through every step of the investment process. Our accounts are globally diversified, multi-asset class portfolios that include alternative investments as appropriate for your circumstances.

  • College Funding

We will coordinate funding strategies that are appropriate for your family with your retirement, tax, and other family needs after carefully considering your children’s college goals and priorities.

  • Risk Management

Integrated with the financial planning process; includes a comprehensive analysis of your current insurance programs to make sure you have adequate life, disability, and/or long term care coverage.

 * United Planners Financial Services Member FINRA, SIPC does not offer tax advice. CPA services are offered by the Representatives through an activity outside the scope of services provided through the broker dealer.